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What pulled in the first visitors to the Maldives was an undiscovered world of treasures. Over
five decades ago, Italian Tour Operator George Corbin arrived to the island nation searching for
exotic diving destinations, and was instantly breath-taken by its stunning underwater scene. This
led to the birth of tourism in 1972. Now, Maldives is one of the most popular diving destinations.
People from around the world dream of plunging into its blue surface to visit one of the most
vibrant gifts of nature.
With diving in the Maldives being a must-have on every nomad’s bucket list, it’s unacceptable to
let the cost hold you back. This guide includes everything you need to know about diving here
without it costing you an arm and a leg.
Diving Local
The key to budget trip to the Maldives is staying in local islands, rather than luxury resorts.
There are over 200 registered dive centres in the Maldives, many of which are located in
inhabited islands and run by passionate ocean-lovers in the country.
Your first step will be to decide your preferred diving experience, based on which you can
choose your diving spots. Different areas in the Maldives offer different underwater experiences.
You can then start searching for an island and a place to stay, some which will cost you as low as
35 dollars per night!
While some guesthouses offer the service of arranging dive excursions for an extra charge,
others will be glad to recommend you a good independent dive centre on the island. To minimize
travel costs, it’s best to stay in an island not too far from the main airport and capital city of
Male’, either accessible by ferry or a speedboat.

Types of Diving
Diving can be divided into two main categories: scuba diving and freediving. Unlike scuba
divers, freedivers hold their breath throughout the dive. Freediving is preferred by people who
want to ditch the tank and explore more freely.
Scuba diving includes a variety of experiences. Some of the most popular recreational ones in the
Maldives are wreck diving, drift diving, deep diving, cave diving, and night diving. While some
popular dive centres offer a wide range of dive packages, others are limited. Therefore, it is
important to do research on the availability of dive experiences in the region when you choose a
place to stay.
Best Dive Spots
These are top dive areas near the airport, perfect for budget travellers:
 North Male’ Atoll – Home to over 50 dive sites, including Nassimo Thila and MV
Victory wreck
 Ari Atoll – Great to meet marine species; top dive sites include Broken Rock, Fesdu
Wreck and Fish Head
 Vaavu Atoll – Popular for drift diving; top dive sites include Fotteyo Kandu and Miyaru
 Baa Atoll – Home to diverse marine life and over 60 dive sites, including Horubadhoo
Thila and Nelivaru Haa
When to Dive
While the Maldives has tropical climate year-round, if you want to avoid the risk of harsh rainy
weather, visit during the northeast monsoon between December and May. However, off-peak
season usually lasts from May to August, during which you’ll find impressively low deals.
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